Business License Checklist Program – Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office

The Office of geauxBIZ prepares a Business License Checklist for those interested in a list of possible federal, state and local entities that require particular licenses, permits, and authorizations for their businesses to operate in Louisiana.


To assist potential and existing business owners navigate licensing, regulating and permitting authorities in Louisiana, the Office of geauxBIZ through the Commercial Division of the Department of State prepares a preliminary Business License Checklist that identifies federal, state and local entities that may require licenses, permits and authorizations for a business to operate. The checklist includes the contact information of the entities in order for businesses to obtain further information on requirements to operate and additional resource providers that may be helpful for the business to contact. The Business License Checklist can be created through the geauxBIZ website or at the following link:

**Disclaimer** The department does not certify that the information within the Business License Checklist is inclusive of every entity that requires a permit, license or other authorization for your business to operate in Louisiana. The department does not provide legal advice. For information on legal, tax or other specialized permitting/licensing issues that may govern your specific business, a consultation with an attorney, accountant, or other specialized professional should be sought. The Business License Checklist is a preliminary tool to assist with identifying federal, state, and local entities that may need to be contacted.

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