Apex Accelerator ( Formerly LA PTAC)

PTAC assists all LA based businesses with government contracting – local, state(s), and federal. Our FREE assistance includes daily bid match, mandatory registrations, beneficial certifications, proposal assistance, payment, cybersecurity, and more!


Procurement technical assistance services include, but are not limited to:


Acquisition Forecasting                     Cost Accounting/Estimating          Pre Award Surveys

Bid Matching                                        Disaster Contracting                       Post Award Surveys

Bid, Quote & Proposal Prep               Federal Acquisition Regs               Pricing Principles

Bid, Quote & Proposal Review           Government Codes                         Registrations (DUNS/SAM)

Certifications (Socio-Economic)       Government Databases                  State/Local Contracting

Contract Administration                     Marketing                                         Subcontracting      

Contract Clauses                                 Packaging/Transportation              Verifications (VA)

Contract Negotiations                         WAWF                                               Cybersecurity


Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Market Plan Development
  • Market Research

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Bonding (Specialty)
  • Government Funding (Specialty)
  • Technology Grant Providers (Specialty)

Management Issues

  • Leadership/Professional Development

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

  • Technology Transfer (Specialty)

Marketing and Sales

  • Market Plan Development and Training
  • Market Research


  • Formal Mentoring Programs

Networking and Associations

  • Small Business/General

Product Development

  • Prototype Development (Specialty)
  • R&D Support (Specialty)

Regulatory Compliance

  • Bonding (Specialty)
  • Certification (Specialty)
  • Codes (Specialty)
  • Environmental Compliance (Specialty)
  • Government Requirements (Specialty)
  • Insurance Requirements (Specialty)
  • International Regulatory Compliance (Specialty)
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits (Specialty)

Selling to the Government and Large Corporations

  • Bid Matching and Preparation (Specialty)
  • Government and Military Specifications (Specialty)
  • HUBZone Certification (Specialty)
  • Obtaining Certification (Specialty)
  • Obtaining Corporate Contracts (Specialty)
  • Obtaining Government Contracts (Specialty)
  • Price History (Specialty)
  • Registration Assistance (Specialty)
  • Selling to Foreign Governments and Businesses (Specialty)
  • Subcontracting Opportunities (Specialty)

Technical Assistance

  • Commercialization (Specialty)
  • Technology Transfer (Specialty)


  • Marketing Plan Training
Contact Information
Dianne Romero
537 Cajundome Boulevard
Suite 209
Lafayette, LA 70820