Richland Chamber of Commerce

We strive to be an economic voice for agriculture, business, and future growth in Richland Parish by supporting local business and focusing on economic development.


The Richland Parish Chamber of Commerce is a membership based organization that is focused on investing in the communities of the parish through supporting local business needs, driving economic development and being the premier resource for region.

The Richland Chamber of Commerce began through the efforts of government and business leaders, who determined a need for the parish to attract, support, and retain businesses. Richland Parish’s economy is driven by the farming and agricultural business community. A key focus of this chamber is to support and further grow this vital piece of our community. We encourage all businesses in Richland Parish to invest in the Chamber of Commerce. This investment is an investment in the future growth and development of your community. The Chamber of Commerce members consist of farmers, agricultural businesses, large and small commercial businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. These members are critical to the economic viability and long term growth of Richland Parish. Chamber members are focused on making Richland Parish a vibrant place to raise a family in, live in, and do business in.

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Scott Franklin
P.O. Box 668
Delhi, LA 71232