Monroe Chamber of Commerce

We envision a thriving and vibrant community where we can raise our families with the assurance that our children will be well educated, have bright futures, and abundant job opportunities here in Northeast Louisiana.


The Monroe Chamber of Commerce is a business trade association dedicated to economic growth. We serve many roles in the community:
-We are a policy advocate for business on the local, state and federal level.
-We are a convener and builder of coalitions to ensure that key projects and infrastructure are completed and built.
-We support and assist local business leaders and help them become community leaders.
-We are the place to start to help your business grow and succeed.
Business flourishes in communities with a favorable business environment. Many things contribute to a positive business environment: the tax rate, the regulatory environment and the ease and speed of working with public bodies. Other factors contribute to a favorable environment, as well: the availability of a trained and skilled workforce; an infrastructure system that allows traffic to flow smoothly and safely; and a communication system that provides access to markets throughout the world. Every day, the Monroe Chamber of Commerce works as a catalyst for change to improve the business climate and to establish an environment in which our businesses thrive by advocating and serving as the leading voice of business for Northeast Louisiana.


Services Provided

Networking and Associations

  • Geographically Based (Specialty)
  • Small Business/General
Contact Information
Roy Heatherly
1811 Auburn Avenue
Suite 01
Monroe, LA 71201