Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge is a nonprofit arts organization serving as the official arts agency for the City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge and as a Regional Arts Council for Louisiana across the Capital and Southeast Regions.


Since 1973, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge fosters the creative capacity and vibrancy of the region through advocacy, resources, and education.  Opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and organizations include a monthly arts market, annual festivals and large-scale events, a statewide annual Louisiana Arts Summit, career training in such fields as sound and video certifications, gallery installation courses, and more.  Employment opportunities in arts education and arts program management, as well as a variety of internships are available.  Additionally, the Arts Council\’s Cary Saurage Community Arts Center, located in downtown Baton Rouge provides workspace for artists and arts organizations, for camps and classes, and a multi-media black box with an adjacent state of the art sound and video engineering studio, film screen, piano and sprung floor for a diverse array of live entertainment development, music, podcast and commercial recording, film screenings, and more.  The Shell Gallery located in the Cary Saurage Community Arts Center provides artists with gallery space to exhibit and sell work. With opportunities in Baton Rouge as well as on site opportunities in the 11 parishes served by this organization, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge is available for your creative business needs.

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Economic Development (Specialty)
  • Lease Review (Specialty)
  • Revitalization (Specialty)

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting (Specialty)
  • Business Succession Planning (Specialty)
  • Forming a Business (Specialty)

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Disaster Loans and Grants (Specialty)
  • Government Funding (Specialty)
  • Grant Funding Providers (Specialty)

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

  • Apprenticeship (Specialty)
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion (Specialty)
  • Leadership/Professional Development (Specialty)
  • Re-Entry Support (Specialty)
  • Workforce Training (Specialty)

Import and Export Assistance

  • Trade Education and Training (Specialty)

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Internship Program (Specialty)
  • Student Research Projects (Specialty)
  • Student Training (Specialty)

Management Issues

  • Leadership/Professional Development (Specialty)

Marketing and Sales

  • Advertising
  • Market Plan Development and Training


  • One-on-One Counseling (Specialty)

Networking and Associations

  • Demographically Based (Specialty)
  • Geographically Based (Specialty)

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise

  • Board Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Services


  • Conference/Meeting and Event Space (Specialty)
  • Coworking (Specialty)
  • Makerspace / Hackerspace (Specialty)


  • Trade Education and Training (Specialty)

Accelerators and Incubators

  • Accelerator (Specialty)
  • Incubator (Specialty)

Events and Community Building

  • Hackathon / Startup Week or Weekends (Specialty)
  • Neighborhood Fairs and Festivals (Specialty)
  • Pitch Events (Specialty)
Contact Information
Renee Chatelain
233 St. Ferdinand Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 344-8558 Ext: 224