Louisiana Venture Capital Program (LVCP)

This program works with providers to deliver capital with equity financing options to help Louisiana small businesses expand and grow.


The Louisiana Venture Capital Program (LVCP) is a revision of an existing LEDC program aimed to assist Louisiana small businesses expand through the support of venture capital funds. The LVCP, with the use of SSBCI funds, will join with venture capital funds, early-stage investment funds, and non-profit organizations to create partnerships into a new venture capital fund. Each fund will provide private financing through investments to small businesses in order to create jobs and improve the state’s economy. Investments may be made by the purchase of common stock, preferred stock, partnership rights, or other equity investment.  For a list of program providers please visit the bottom of the program webpage at www.LouisianaSSBCI.com. 

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Government Funding
  • Loan Providers
  • Matching Fund Providers
  • Venture Capital Providers (Specialty)

Technical Assistance

  • LED Programs (Specialty)
Contact Information
617 N. Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802